Order Automation

If you would like to automate the sending of your orders to remove manual data entry, we can support this quite easily.
  • CSV format is supported for receiving order data.
  • CSV files should be UTF-8 encoded, use comma delimiters and all fields should be encapsulated in quotes.
  • We support SFTP as plain FTP is not a secure option.
  • Once configured on your account, we can check an SFTP location at set intervals (normally every 15 mins) for orders (in a pre agreed format).
  • All orders received will be imported including any out of stock items.

A sample CSV file can be downloaded below, this is our default format which is the fastest method to get setup though we can make adjustments if you require specific columns etc.

CSV Template

Field Notes

  • Order_Number – required
  • Product_Code – required
  • Product_Description – optional
  • Qty – required
  • Price – optional (if you provide this we check your price against ours, any differences will be help in quarantine until we can check them)
  • Delivery_Name – required
  • Delivery_Address1 – required
  • Delivery_Address2 – optional
  • Delivery_Town – required
  • Delivery_County – required
  • Delivery_Postcode – required
  • Delivery_Mobile – optional (but recommended)
  • Delivery_Email – optional (but recommended)

To get started we just need to know if you require us to provide an SFTP account or if we should use yours (if so please provide credentials) and a sample file from you for testing, we have a manual import process we use for testing files before automation is enabled, the final mapping automation is not setup until we have manually verified your file works.


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