Stock Feeds

We provide a range of ways for you to obtain stock data from us, current options are :

Customer Portal- Direct Stock Feed URLS #

You can access direct URLs to generate instant, up-to-date stock feeds from the Feeds section of the customer portal.

Note: If you don’t have a login yet, contact [email protected]


If you prefer you can integrate with our SFTP account to collect stock feeds, updated every 15 mins 24 x 7 x 365.

We provide a standard stock sftp (below), if you require the feed to be pushed elsewhere please let us know.

  • Host :
  • Port : 22
  • Username : 67d073b0d4441ea26213b3a6284dc0
  • Password : {please request this from your account manager}
  • Folder : incoming/
  • Filename : shankar_stock.csv

This file will download as CSV but can easily be opened in Excel. It is regenerated every 15 mins with our current available stock levels, any out of stock items will show the estimated next available stock date, see below for an example

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